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Professional Liability Insurance - Errors & Omissions Insurance Quotes For Professionals In Buffalo, NY, & WNY

Professional Liability Insurance Covering Errors & Omissions For Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Brokers, Realtors, Contractors, Educators, Engineers, Non-Profits... Operating Anywhere In New York State
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Get Competitive Professional Liability Insurance Quotes

Clauss & Company Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Agency, so we can choose from leading Insurance Companies to find an Errors & Omissions (E&O) Policy that is best suited for you at a competitive price. We have been operating in Buffalo, NY since 1919, helping professionals find the right insurance coverage for their practice. If you ever need to make a claim you can be assured that we'll be here to provide all the support you require.

Our Commercial Insurance Experts can help you choose appropriate limits and deductibles, suggest optional coverage you should consider, and identify any opportunities there may be for Premium Discounts. Our objective is to help you secure optimum coverage at a price that fits your budget. We insure over 100 law firms of all sizes and types, and have developed vast knowledge and experience for this particular class of business over the years.

You are always welcome to Contact Our Office to request a FREE consultation with a Business Insurance Expert who can help you determine the optimum Insurance for your specific needs.



Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance, is a type of Liability Insurance that is designed to protect consulting professionals and firms from legal expenses and settlements associated with actual or alleged negligence in their practice. E&O policies can protect a broad range of businesses including:

  • Lawyers and other Legal Professionals
  • Accountants, Financial Advisors, Brokers, and other Professionals dealing with money
  • Realtors
  • All kinds of Contractors
  • Teaching Professionals, Counselors and other Educators
  • Engineers
  • Insurance Agents & Agencies
  • Non-Profits
  • and many more...

Errors & Omissions Insurance is typically used to cover legal costs incurred when a professional, or a professional services business, is sued for:

  • Acts of Professional Negligence
  • Acts of Professional Misrepresentation
  • Violation of Professional Good Faith / Fair Dealing
  • Providing Inaccurate Advice

If you are operating in New York State, you already know that it is a highly litigious environment, where you or your company may be sued at any time - even if you are not at fault. The Business Liability Insurance Experts at Clauss & Company Insurance Agency can help you choose an E&O Policy that best suits your needs.

Professional Liability Insurance Cost

The Cost of your E&O insurance coverage is rated based on the number of employees, sales, or payroll, depending on the class. As with commercial general liability, most policies are subject to audit at the end of the coverage term.


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